Dating a Lagos Girl

As a major fan of Joro Olumofin and an ardent reader of the many real life situation entries he showcases on his Instagram handle (where he has people send in mails detailing their experiences, problems and seeking advice from Instagram users) an exciting issue caught my attention. A young man sent in a mail explaining how dissatisfied he felt about Abuja girls who clearly wanted him for material gains and sought for reader’s advice on his intention to move to Lagos in search of a young, classy and industrious lady. He wanted tips on how to treat a Lagos girl.

Hence, I thought it would be perfect to give out tips on the perfect way to treat a Lagos babe.

  1. Don’t just say the word, be the word:

Depending on what activity she likes, ensure you always show a form of interest in the things she loves. Be considerate, encourage her to grow and don’t be a stalker, you know what they say about finding someone you like but still giving them enough space to go into the world and trust that they still be yours.

Don’t say “I love you” if you don’t mean it, be her biggest fan and offer constructive criticism. Do the little things, pick her up as soon as she arrive from a trip and book an exquisite accommodation like Ibis Hotel Ikeja for her to spend the night.

  1. Spend a romantic weekend at one of the top hotels in Lagos:

A weekend getaway is not an excuse to smash!!! It is a perfect way to get acquainted with the babe and offers you close quarters to indulge in fun loving activities. Treat her to a spectacular time at one the biggest 5 Star Hotels in Nigeria like the Lagos Oriental Hotel, Protea Hotel or Intercontinental Hotel.

Sheraton Hotel Lagos is a perfect respite from the Lagos crowd, it boasts of excellent service, amazing buffet restaurants, Golf Range training, Tennis Courts and a Club Lounge with various benefits you can take advantage of during your stay.

Disclaimer: These tips are not your go to guide if you want a Lagos babe to fall instantly at your feet, it takes time, persistence and courage.

  1. Get her a gift just because its Tuesday:

I know many guys have been taken through hell and back by girls who are all about the money but that shouldn’t deter you from spend a lil something on the girl who catches your fancy. A thoughtful present is all that counts, not the cost of it. Send her flowers (just because…), you don’t have to wait for a special day of the month or year. Show a Lagos girl how thoughtful and kind you can be.

  1. Take her on dates:

You know the excitement and rush that comes with finding a new person you just click with. You have to make an effort even after getting the sparks ignited. No matter how independent a Lagos girl comes off looking, even the uber classy girls and working professionals love to be treated to a good time by a gentleman. Get tickets for two to see the latest movie at the cinema, take her paint balling or treat her to a good time at the next musical concert.

  1. Send Romantic texts:

Romantic texts and traditional hand written notes never go out of style. Texting is a lot better than sending those annoying PING! PING!! PING!!!.

Avoid sending cheesy texts about how the sun rises and set on her. Lol! Be creative and send something straight from the heart.



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