10 Hotel requirements for business travellers

I had the opportunity to travel a great deal for both leisure and business purposes. So, I can confidently say that what a business traveller wants is different from what a tourist needs at a hotel. While both business and tourist hotels basically need to provide neat and quite rooms, a good business hotel should afford the traveller an option of packing lightly by equipping the rooms with basic items ranging from grooming products to a work desk and a good restaurant.

Here is a list of some hotel services and requirements for business travellers.

  1. Internet Access and enough electric outlets:

A hotel that offers free internet service is fit for business travellers. It makes it easier to access important documents and promptly respond to business mails.

  1. Tiny-in-Room Fridges/Onsite Restaurant:

An onsite restaurant should be available in an ideal hotel. Intercontinental Hotel features a restaurant that serves both local and continental meals while Radisson Blu Hotel offers the option of a buffet breakfast service daily. Rooms should be equipped with tiny refrigerators that contain free bottled water, soda, candies or snacks.

  1. Room Service:

Staying in an hotel that provides room service means you can be sure of getting your meals delivered straight to your room, if you are too busy to go to the restaurant, all your requests can be brought straight to your room and you do not need to clean up, as the room will be made tidy when you want it. Several hotels like Sheraton Hotel provide 24 hours room service.

  1. Sound proof Rooms:

Sound insulated rooms offer a quiet environment for rest and away from distractions.

  1. Work desk and Chairs:

Chairs and tables should be available for performing office tasks.

  1. Conciergeservice:

An ideal hotel for business travellers must have a concierge desk, with hotel employees who are ready to assist in making reservations and credible recommendations.

  1. Free Local Calls
  2. Beauty Salon:

A beauty parlour and Barbing Salon comes in handy for a quick style fix before attending meetings or seeing business associates.

  1. Efficient Laundry/Dry cleaning Service:

Last minutes laundry and dry cleaning services should be provided by hotel frequented by business travellers.

  1. Relaxation facilities:

The availability of relaxation and recreational facilities makes it easy for business travellers to ease the work off.




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